Why Choose No Quit Tennis Academy?

The No Quit Philosopy

Using tennis as a vehicle to teach children leadership, sportsmanship, a strong work ethic, and a passion for excellence.

Outstanding Coaches

The No Quit Tennis Academy Executive Director, Tim Blenkiron, has been playing and coaching tennis since he was 2 years old. He has dedicated his life to the sport and along the way has worked for Andre Agassi, United States Tennis Association, as well as having coached on the WTA Tour. Blenkiron has handpicked a very diverse group of coaches with International experience that include College & Professional tennis players, Club Directors and Fitness Specialists. He has personally trained them all on his Philosophy and System which includes the following:


  1. Spending as much time developing the person and the athlete as you do the tennis player
  2. Teaching kids to use tennis as a way to learn life lessons
  3. Putting the athlete first and develop a team around them
  4. Emphasize striving for excellence
  5. Emphasize sportsmanship & the spirit of competition

Outstanding Players

Your game is in your hands. The No Quit Tennis Academy is home to outstanding coaches and some of the top Juniors in the Nation and the Intermountain Section. The full-time morning Academy is an intense workout five days per week with top coaches, outstanding players, and usually a few outstanding alumni when they are on break from the Professional Tour or College. Improving your game is always a top goal at the No Quit Academy. Since 2006, the No Quit Tennis Academy has: Featured Tour Professional, Asia Muhammad:


  • 10 top five Nationally ranked players
  • 3 players have played in the Jr. US Open
  • 5 National Championships
  • 45 Intermountain Championships
  • Over 1,000 tennis participates
  • More than 100 Top 5 in Intermountain rankings
  • 10 Nevada High School State Champions
  • Over 20 international students/players

Your Education

The No Quit Philosophy supports a strong education for every player. Earning outstanding grades and preparing for a top college are the ultimate goals of the No Quit Tennis Academy. Since its beginning in 2006, the No Quit Academy has had: 


  • 100% college admissions for all full-time players over the past 5 years
  • Over $10 Million in College Scholarships to such schools as Harvard, The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Villanova, University of Southern California, University of Massachusetts, University of Nebraska, UNLV, Carnegie Mellon, BYU, The Citadel, and more
  • 85 players who have earned College Scholarships
  • All current full-time academy players have maintained at least a B average and 90% have earned straight A’s in a college prep program

Outstanding Leadership Program

The No Quit Tennis Academy partners with the Marty Hennessey Foundation who supports an outstanding leadership program. The Leadership is designed to provide No Quit players the opportunity to meet and learn from top leaders in buisness, politics, athletes and in other areas. The Leadership Program has taken players to Wimbledon, the US Open, the BNP Paribas Open and many other events and locations including Washington, D. C.


  • East Coast Leadership Program
  • Winter Leadership Retreat
  • Leadership Internships
  • Leadership Service Projects

More About No Quit

Las Vegas Location and Weather: 

The No Quit Tennis Academy is located in beautiful Las Vegas where the sun shines 360 days per year:

  • Training available almost 365 days per year
  • Clay courts, indoor courts and outdoor courts available
  • Close to top tournament locations: Driving – 4 hours to LA, San Diego and Phoenix. 8 hours to Salt Lake City, 12 hours to Denver
Exposure to Professional Players: The No Quit Tennis Academy players and parents are offered many opportunities to meet and interact with professional tennis players during Leadership Programs, sponsorship by the Bryan Brothers, and tournament travel. No Quit players have met the Bryan Brothers, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andre Agassi, Andy Murray, Ana Ivanovic, Maritna Navratilova, Donald Young, Billie Jean King, Steffi Graf, John and Pat McEnroe and many more!
What is “The Process”?: It is an awareness of the steps necessary to develop and excel at certain disciplines. All practices are designed around this central principle. The Academy uses a progression of technical instruction to develop the players’ games through this step by step process-based learning that players develop true confidence in their games and a strong technical foundation. Each coach works with no more than 4 students on a court and is given one on one time with students to ensure that every student understands where they are at in their development and has a clear understanding of the development moving forward.

Developmental Plan: Every year, players are given 4 developmental planning/evaluation sessions. We understand that many parents have become a strong force in the tennis development of their children and we encourage parents to attend and participate as we identify target areas for improvement over the course of the next few months.

USTA Guidelines/Progressions
Hand FeedingRacquet FeedingLive Ball
Closed EnvironmentOpen Dynamic Environment

Here at the Academy we follow closely with the USTA’s guidelines for progressions. We believe in not skipping steps and only moving forward with a child’s development when they have mastered the progression and understand the skill.

Every practice session is carefully planned out by our team of qualified coaches. It follows a detailed technical plan designed to both challenge the player while giving them a lasting lesson which can be built on in future practices. Every practice students are given:

– 2.5 to 3 hours of training, in line with USTA guidelines
– 30 mins of Leadership/Life Applicators
– 30-1hr of Fitness Stretching/Yoga mediation

Tournament Scheduling/Planning: Leadership: At the No Quit Academy it is our goal to create a culture of Leadership. It is expected that every student endeavors to be a leader in every sense of the word. Throughout the year students will be exposed to Leadership camps and be offered unique opportunities to develop themselves as individuals. It is our goal above all else to create successful leaders. At the Academy we desired to create successful people above all else. We can guarantee they will be successful tennis players if as people they learn to become a leader and embrace the tenets of what is to be leader in life.

Life Skills: All Players are given an education not in the arena of tennis but in life. Every student that graduates the academy will know what it truly is to live in the moment and will have a sense of purpose and place in the world. Daily students will be given a life application to everything they learn on the tennis court.

Nutrition: Every player will be expected treat their bodies like a temple. You cannot be exceptional unless you have nourished your body with the very best food.

All players will be given a course in proper nutrition for daily life, athletic competition, maximizing energy, minimizing illness and injury.

We also maintain that all players subscribe to sleeping patterns that promote wellness. All players are taught the value of rest as a nourishment to the body and without it our system cannot function at an optimal level.

Fitness: The Academy is devoted to the discipline of Yoga and Meditation. As part of their training twice a week a Yoga instructor will conduct classes designed to release tension and build strength and energy through calming the mind and stretching the body. In addition to Yoga we also provide the players with a complete strength and conditioning program designed to target areas important to tennis development.

Psychological Training: It is vital that in order to develop oneself as an exceptional tennis player and human being, one must truly be at peace and know oneself. Shakespeare said “To thy own self be true”. At the the Academy players are taught to develop an insight into themselves that allows them to see the importance of living in the present moment and focusing on the now.

College Scholarships & Pro Tennis: Every Player that graduates the Academy receives a college scholarship. It’s that simple! 100% graduation rate. We have also had success developing professional tennis players. Most recently Asia Muhammed and Kimberly Yee have both been developed under the No Quit Academy’s Guidance.

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