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International Academy Alumni

The No Quit Tennis Academy has been home to over 30 International tennis players from 16 countries. No Quit training is truly an international experience. We offer housing and educational programs for all full-time players.

Stanislas Fifilo
Ryamma Maslov
Anna Tiurin
Anton Redvanov
Anna Newone
Artur Maidanik
Darya Olah
Jenya Kryshchuk
Anya Pavluk
Katya Stoianova
Aleksandr Chernov
Gleb Maidanik
Marcus Pasimio
Michael Pasimi
Vince Salas
Miko Pasimio
Kostya Zhukov
Edgardo Ureta
Ben Gajardo
Willson Cross
Noah Dufort
James Cross
Patrick Kawka
Kaja Salsman
Frideric Pradencki
Tiffany Theophil
Sara Alajbegovic
Stefan Lalovic
Adon Kronk
Jordan Badenko
Victoire Saperstein
Hadrien Saperstein
Ozzy Abraham
Andrei Marinescu
Jeff Vongman

What You Need to Know

At the No Quit Tennis Academy, we welcome student-athletes from around the world. We make the transition simple for international players accepted into our program with our streamlined student visa issuance process. With a wide variety of training programs to choose from and our prime Las Vegas location, No Quit offers an intensive training experience for every player in our program.

Full Time Program – The No Quit Tennis Academy is one of the top ranked high performance tennis academies in the United States, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our students. Our Full-Time Program provides players with the ideal environment to improve their tennis skills under professional coaching while also gaining an exceptional education. Top national and international players train at the No Quit Tennis Academy. 

7:30 – 8:00 – Individual stretching, warm up
8:00 – 11:00 – Group Tennis Practice
11:00 – 12:00 – Group Conditioning, Fitness, Yoga
12:00 – 4:00 – Attend Odyssey Charter School one day per week (if students enroll in school)
Afternoons and evenings are reserved for school study, private tennis lessons, additional fitness and conditioning and social programs.

We offer tennis, housing and (access to) education options for all of our Full-Time student-athletes.

Additional Training Programs – In addition to our Full-Time Program, we offer monthly,  one school semester (4 months), one school year (9 month) and Summer Programs. Summer Camps are designed to give student-athletes high-level training in a fun healthy environment.

Tournament Training – At the No Quit Tennis Academy, we understand the importance of tournament training to successful player development. Las Vegas and the surrounding area s like Southern California,  Arizona, and Colorado offer a rigorous schedule of tournaments for students to participate in during their training at No Quit. We offer opportunities for our players to participate in local tournaments, futures, and junior grand slams. Our intensive, year-round tournament schedule helps students gain the experience they need to become tournament-tough.

Applying to the No Quit Tennis Academy – The No Quit Tennis Academy is selective in its acceptance of players into the program. We strive to promote excellence in all areas.  We look for players with impressive performance in academics and tennis, but that also maintain a balanced life. We cater to intermediate through high performance players.

To begin your application process, please email Mr. Trent Alenik at  

Student Visa Issuance – Once an international player has been accepted to the No Quit Tennis Academy and all necessary paperwork and deposits have been submitted, we can then assist them in the I-20 student visa paperwork. We do not offer student visas, but we do offer an official letter that helps in getting a 6-month visa or a student visa.

All international students are required to have international major medical health insurance prior to attending the academy.  You can select your own or use a provider such as Petersen International Underwriters.

Housing – The No Quit Tennis Academy offers home-stay options for student-athletes wishing to board during their training at No Quit. Our home-stay parents provide a safe, fun home environment with community-building activities in Las Vegas and other locations close to Las Vegas such as Southern California. 

Education – The No Quit Tennis Academy is committed to helping each student-athlete gain a strong educational experience.  We assist students who want to enroll in any local or online school.  Most of our students are enrolled in the public Odyssey Charter School.  Odyssey offers an online curriculum with a requirement to attend the brick and mortar school a minimum of one-half day per week.  Students can attend up to five days per week if they choose to do so.  All of our full-time students who have attended Odyssey Charter School have graduated and received scholarships to four-year colleges and universities including:  Harvard University, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, the University of Southern California, Villanova University and many other top universities.   In addition, No Quit staff can arrange for tutoring in subject areas and in SAT and ACT test preparation for an extra charge. 

For more information, please contact Trent Alenik via email at

International Pricing (US Dollars)

(1) Month
School Semester
(4 months)
School Year
(9 months)
(3 months)
Full Year
(12 months)
(approx. $17 hr)
Tuition at Public School

Tuition Private Online – Laurel Spring

Fitness – Private Lessons
$65-85 Per Hour
Private Tennis Instruction
$65-85 Per Hour
* Tennis costs include group tennis practice for 3 hours per day, fitness/conditioning 1 hour per day Monday-Friday.
** Subject to change – Price set by Clark County School District. All out of state students must pay tuition.
Please Note: Additional costs include: Tournament entry and travel, spending money, additional private tennis lessons or additional conditioning/fitness.

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